I grew up as the youngest of four kids in a competitive and sport-savvy family. While growing up in Staten Island, New York, I learned how to use my body at a very early age. I developed a love of movement by playing sports and competing against my brothers. As a teenager, I began to carry an unhealthy amount of anger and developed a very aggressive personality. This aggression led me down a negative spiral. I was fighting, drug dealing, and stealing.

I was able to transition out of this unhealthy state by channeling my aggressive energy into boxing. Through boxing, I used my body more productively and released the anger in my heart. It was one of the most physically demanding endeavors I had ever experienced, yet the most rewarding. I loved the focus and discipline, which are the same reasons why I enjoy yoga today.

As I continued to box, my strength and determination grew, but the balance and coordination I needed to excel needed work. My trainer recommended dancing. Although wary at first, ballet and jazz taught me so much about body awareness, attention to detail, and helped me coordinate my two left feet. It was like learning a new language. Although this new language demanded an immense amount of focus and determination, I learned the importance of pace, presence, and personality.

At 26, I left my hometown for Los Angeles, California. While living in Los Angeles, yoga became the next stage in my practice of movement. After practicing for some time, I enrolled in the Yogaworks Teacher Training with two modern-day yoga pioneers: Maty Ezraty and Lisa Waldorf. Since then, I have studied and assisted with Annie Carpenter and many other yoga instructors. I’ve also worked with some amazing Physical Therapists and Sports Kinesiologist such as Gary Gray, Stuart Macgill, and Gray Cook.

I focus on alignment and proper mechanics so that our bodies and energy can move in the most efficient way. Each class has a Yin and Yang combination, which reflects my experience in dancing and boxing. I love teaching yoga for its ability to create strength and flexibility, while calming the mind and spirit. 

I am so grateful to share the gift of yoga with so many of students and future teachers from all over the world. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!