I met Thomas during one of my recruitment trips. I took so many different classes across the country. Yet, once I was in his class, it was evident that this was a gifted instructor. I trusted him so much that I had him come to the University to work with the team for a week. He is a true professional and a great guy.
— Rick Barnes, Tennessee Basketball Coach

Thomas is a great teacher, he understands the body in such a great way. He always knows how to handle injuries as well as being full of motivation and positivity, he makes sure that I leave the class feeling so rejuvenated, aligned and motivated! He’s a fantastic teacher, and wonderful friend.
— Rebecca Soni, U.S Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Thomas has an extensive knowledge of the body which gives him the tools to take my practice to the next level safely.
— Heather Mnuchin

I always walk out class truly amazed at how much Thomas can pack into a 55 minute session. He effortlessly flows from warm up to hi intensity, yet easy to follow, cardio sessions into yoga poses with fun boxing ‘punches’. The entertaining and upbeat energy Thomas has while divulging knowledgeable workings of the body are contrasted by his calming and zen like manner for cool downs that slowly melt into shiva sana. My favorite is the new piece of information I learn about how a movement or pose benefits my body/ health that Thomas likes to share while instructing class. Enlightened and educated is a great feeling.
— Gabriela B.

I am currently OBSESSED with Thomas’ new class Yo-Box. It is truly the highlight of my week to go and sweat it out. Its the first of its kind and totally gives me the exercise that I crave! It’s super fast paced, cardio, and rhythmic! Totally would recommend this class. He corrects the postures, is funny, and loves all his quirky analogies! I can’t say enough about his as an awesome instructor.
— Min Ji L.

Over the past two years I’ve had quite a few challenges. Thankfully, I had Thomas to work with me. He is a true healer and I would recommend him to anyone. He got me back on my feet and then gave me the tools to some key postures that require strength and stability.
— Katie Azaria